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Wir zeigen dir hier ganz genau,
was ein BEACHPOOL ist und zu
einem einzigartigen Strandpool macht.

Individual design

a self-supporting form that can be individually personalized each BEACHPOOL is unique and can also be used as a cover-up for existing ponds or pools

Invisible water cycle

no self-cleaning inlet nozzles along the entire floor BEACH version with overflow POOL version with skimmer

Pure & clear water

no algae growth, no biofilm due to additional treatment in the soil low-salt salt electrolysis no addition of chemicals patented complete system

Works all year round

with energy-efficient heat pump in winter as a frozen lake quickly warming shallow water zones ensure low energy consumption no cover necessary

Uncomplicated Construction

fast construction time without heavy machinery without roofing the construction site without protective masks almost without concrete usually without building permit

Sustainable & environmentally friendly

natural and non-toxic materials extremely durable covering is splinter and maintenance-free low use of materials minimal impact on the environment


Water Treatment

The water collected by the skimmer or overflow is filtered, then treated by salt electrolysis and returned to the pool.

Water Inlet

The treated water is fed into the entire BEACHPOOL floor completely invisibly below the drainage layer using the patented BEACHPOOL technology. The water actively flushes the entire drainage layer and is thus filtered once more.


The water flowing upwards from the bottom carries light dirt and pieces of leaves to the surface of the water - no matter what the depth. This is how a BEACHPOOL cleans itself by the way.

Skimmer / Overflow

Irrespective of the wind, the water surface current transports the debris to the edge, where they are picked up by the skimmer or overflow. The skimmer also sucks in the surface water.

besandur ®


UV resistance (10/10)
non-yellowing glossy

Fast Curing

rainproof after 60 minutes
accessible after 3 hours

Heat & Frost proof

hardens very quickly from -5 °C

High Resilience

highly abrasion resistant
permanently elastic & crack-bridging
full chlorine & salt water resistance

No Hazardous Goods

without solvents
without solvent-based smoothing aids
without volatile organic compounds (VOC)
Produced in a CO2-neutral factory

Simple Application

short processing time
best smoothing properties
no weighing / no mixing errors
no dirt

BESANDUR® is our patented and fast-hardening binder for marble pebbles, which retains its permanently elastic flexibility after hardening. Besandur guarantees a high level of productivity in its use and also impresses with its permanent material fastness and sustainability. After mixing the two pre-portioned components, BESANDUR® is added directly to the stones. No weighing, no contamination and no acceleration of action due to kinetic energy.



BESANDUR® was specially developed and has been tried and tested over many years to meet our criteria for a perfect BEACH POOL. It forms the foundation of every BEACHPOOL floor and enables its uncomplicated and solid construction. Its patented recipe offers the ideal properties in terms of durability, workability and sustainability.

Decorative Layer

The visible BEACHPOOL topping consists of just two components: absolutely natural Italian marble gravel and BESANDUR®. Each individual stone is perfectly encased, enabling open-pored and absolutely even distribution without sagging.


The water treated by salt electrolysis is pushed through the entire drainage layer and the upper decorative layer. This drainage layer consists of our "Base Grit", a special moraine chippings that prevents algae growth in the entire pool. The water is exceptionally pure and crystal clear.


EPDM rubber foil has so far proven itself in pond construction. It can be stretched 300 times, is absolutely tear-resistant and UV-resistant. In this way, leaks are ruled out even if the soil conditions change. The special thing about our EPDM foil is that it is normally used in agriculture, especially in the use of huge water reservoirs.


BEACHPOOL Illumination & Starlight

The patented BEACHPOOL illumination system is based on fibre optic light pipes and creates atmospheric lighting in RGBW without disturbing light fixtures. The light pipe ends are installed flush with the floor. During the day, they are thus inconspicuous and the BEACHPOOL Topping receives its flawless finish. The minimalist look is very classy and of high-quality and is also extremely durable and robust. The BEACHPOOL illumination system consists of individual light spots for spotlighting the entire pool or also for staging solitaires. The light pipes have a finger-thick diameter and their number is adapted to the size of your pool. The BEACHPOOL Starlight consists of much finer fibre optic light pipes and also come in RGBW. The number is many times greater here, and is also adapted to the size of the pool. They are also installed surface-flush and are even entirely invisible during the day due to their small diameter. BEACHPOOL Illumination & Starlight are an integral part of every BEACHPOOL and are customised and handmade for each individual pool.

beachpool night lightning

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There are no limits to your imagination.
Here you will find all design and
equipment options:

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Choose Your Size

10 or rather 200 m2? Mostly determine
Space and/or budget is the final one
pool size. We won't set you any limits here
set. However, what matters is how you do it
Strandpool nutzen möchtest. Mehr Flachwasser
or more swimming area? Or both?
The BEACHPOOL design team will find it for you
optimal solution. Each BEACHPOOL will be for you
individually designed and built, bespoke
according to your wishes.


BEACHPOOL Marble Gravel

Natural Italian marble. Nothing else.
Washed, tumbled and dried.
13 colours and 3 standard grits each:

0.7-1.2mm I 1.8-2.5mm I 5-8mm
(fine sand) I (coarse sand) I (gravel)

The basic edition includes 3 possible
colour combinations.

beachpool pebbles color options
beachpool night lightning 2


BEACHPOOL Configuration

Whether counter-current system, heat pump, whirlpool jets,
steep walls, infinity option, shallow water zones,
Overflow, boulders, stepping stones, stairs, waterfall, watercourse, wave function, additional lighting, or extra beach area.
Als Strandpool mit Skimmer (POOL) oder Überlauf (BEACH) – dein BEACHPOOL bietet unzählige Möglichkeiten.
The only thing you don't need is a cover.
Was du dabei an Budget sparst, kannst du in spannendere und schönere Optionen investieren.
The BEACHPOOL basic version comes as a POOL version with a skimmer, including BEACHPOOL Illumination & Starlight
as well as several foundlings.

Get Your
Personal Quote

Your BEACHPOOL is as individual as its price.
Here you can get a transparent cost breakdown!

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