How to build a BEACHPOOL -

We think everyone should be able to build a BEACHPOOL themselves!

A BEACHPOOL consists not only of the material but also of genuine craftsmanship, and our experienced BEACHPOOL professionals are without a doubt vastly superior. However, the BEACHPOOL system is easy and can be implemented by almost everyone. If you don't have two left hands, a good technical understanding and friends who will help you (maybe even with an excavator), then you can create your own paradise with a BEACHPOOL DIY set!

beachpool shot from above

How to build a BEACHPOOL -

Wir finden, jeder sollte einen Strandpool selbst bauen können! Ein BEACHPOOL besteht neben dem Material aus echter Handarbeit und da sind unsere routinierten BEACHPOOL Profis ohne Zweifel haushoch überlegen. Das BEACHPOOL System ist jedoch leicht und für fast jeden umsetzbar. Wenn du keine zwei linken Hände hast, ein gutes technisches Verständnis und auch Freunde, die dir helfen (vielleicht sogar mit Bagger), dann kannst du mit dem BEACHPOOL Komplettset dein eigenes Paradies erschaffen! Los

strandpool selbst bauen top layer with decorativ seashells

Here We Go

First information about our sets, equipment and
support options. And the most important -
what there are basic things to consider!



Here are a few things to consider:
Alignments of paths and buildings, distances to borders and buildings, connections and lines, position of the sun and wind direction, trees and others.


The upper limit is determined by the budget and available space. Think about how much water area you have and how you want to use it. Also consider external beach and shallow water zones.


You should know the soil conditions. Are there many stones here or is it easy to model? You should also include all gradients in the planning. Access to the construction site should also be clarified.


Your team should be at least 3 men/women strong. Depending on the size of the pool, additional reinforcement is required to lay the heavy foil.


The shape results from your preferences, but also from structural limitations. A BEACHPOOL can be modeled completely freely and adapts to all your specifications.


Our technology shaft comes as plug-and-play and only needs to be connected. It should be on the shortest route between the BEACHPOOL and the connection options and can also be placed underground.


Be sure to create a realistic schedule to avoid chaos on the construction site. When you place your order, you will receive the exact delivery time (usually 8-10 weeks). At the end of the project you should avoid time pressure.


Determine the use and equipment of the respective zone (e.g. deepest point, shallow water, whirlpool) and orientate yourself at the location, what is possible and also easily realizable.


Find out about local and official regulations if you need a building permit: apply for it early! If in doubt, talk to your neighbors too 😉



The smallest pool kit with up to 30m2 water surface at 1.50m water depth.
The more water surface and depth, the less external beach area.
Small but beautiful..


The standard kit with a water surface of up to 60m2 at a water depth of 1.50m. With this size you can already do most of the design options. enjoy.

L+_from 70m2

If it can be a little more...
But bear in mind that the total construction volume (excavation, number of helpers, technology, legal issues, etc.) will increase accordingly.


Installation Guide

You will receive our detailed and illustrated manual with every pool kit. All steps and stages are explained in detail here. You will receive the manual at the beginning of the delivery time. In the meantime, you can plan the BEACHPOOL and the construction process precisely.

Remote Construction Support Service

We accompany you through the entire construction period via videochat (also by telephone or by email). Here we answer all your questions and give you tips for tricky spots. The remote service is included, so that the BEACHPOOL quality can be guaranteed.

Construction support service on site

You can also book our on-site support for individual construction phases. Depending on your requirements, one or more of our technicians will then support you on site for the desired time. To avoid unnecessary delays, you should consider this option at an early stage.

Equipment Options


Included in each set: Skimmer, BEACHPOOL Illumination (S: 3 spots/M: 5 spots), BEACHPOOL Starlight (S: 120 stars / M: 140 stars), standard filtration and 3 boulders.


Including Hi-Line skimmer made of stainless steel, extra BEACHPOOL Illumination (+3 spots), Hi-Line filter with glass filter medium, whirlpool jets (for 2 pers.), BEACHPOOL heat pump and 5 boulders.

Deluxe (only for Set M/L+)

Including stainless steel skimmer, extra BEACHPOOL Illumination (+5 spots), extra Starlight (+120 stars), Hi-Line filter with glass filter medium, whirlpool jets (for 4 pers.), BEACHPOOL heat pump, extra beach area (10m2) and 7 boulders.

The feature you are looking for is not listed? Then simply tell us your wishes in the comments field. We will also advise you on the implementation!

Our Service

Care Guide

A BEACHPOOL requires little maintenance. Pool equipment and the general functioning of the pool are largely automatic. Everything you can do for it is in the BEACHPOOL care instructions. You will receive these together with the installation instructions.


The BEACHPOOL Robot is available as an option and takes its job very seriously. It's cordless, so it can't get tangled up in boulders. Its sensor technology is also optimized so that it can also clean uneven surfaces without any problems and can reach all the curves of a BEACHPOOL.


You should service your BEACHPOOL once a year or have it serviced by a BEACHPOOL professional. All layers of the BEACHPOOL and the entire technology with all connections and lines are checked, and a special backwash is carried out. But it's also all in the Care Guide. The BEACHPOOL Repair Kit is available for minor repairs to the top layer.

order process


You will receive a non-binding sample offer via the inquiry form.

Adjust Your Offer

You adjust the offer according to your wishes and we will send you a binding and individual offer.

Offer Confirmation

The purchase contract is concluded with the confirmation of the binding offer.

Before Delivery

Your BEACHPOOL will be commissioned according to your specifications. Meanwhile, you should plan the construction process. We are happy to support you with dimensioned plans and 3D visualizations.


Delivery is free kerbside with a transport company on europallets. You have to manoeuvre the pallets to their storage place where it will be dry and protected from rain.

Construction Phase

With the delivery, the construction phase should also begin. For the Remote Service you will be assigned your personal engineer who will guide you through the the entire construction phase through to acceptance.







L+_from 70m2


Equipment Options




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